Our Favorite Holiday Drink Recipes of 2018

Candy Cane CocktailGetting ready to host your annual Christmas party? Looking for ways to get into the holiday spirit this season? Consider trying some new drink recipes to make the holidays even more memorable in 2018. Check out a few of our favorites below!

Candy Cane Cocktail

What would the holiday season be without candy canes? You can make this sweet cocktail with 1 shot of vanilla rum, 1 shot of white chocolate liqueur, 1 shot of peppermint schnapps and a candy cane. Add the vanilla rum, white chocolate liqueur and peppermint schnapps to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well before straining it into a martini glass. Then, simply garnish the cocktail with a candy cane and drink up. This drink will put you into a festive mood from the first sip.

Santa’s Sleigh Cocktail

This cocktail recipe, which makes a total of four drinks, calls for coarse white sugar crystals, 2 cups of eggnog, 1/2 cup of brandy, 1/2 cup of amaretto liqueur, 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and 4 cinnamon sticks. Start by lining the rims of four martini glasses with the sugar crystals. Then, use a blender to combine the eggnog, brandy, amaretto, nutmeg and ice cream. Finally, pour the drink into your martini glasses before garnishing each one with a cinnamon stick. It’s the perfect concoction to share with friends when you’re waiting for Santa to arrive.

Ginger Snap Cocktail

Making gingerbread houses at Christmas time can be fun, but drinking a ginger snap cocktail is even better! This cocktail call for 1 ounce of ginger beer, 1 teaspoon of ginger juice, 1-1/2 ounces of dark rum, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon schnapps, ground cloves, 1 egg white, cinnamon sticks, ginger squares and a ground-up gingerbread cookie.

Start by pouring ginger beer into one saucer and your gingerbread cookie into another. Dip a martini glass into each one to coat the rim with ginger beer and cookie crumbs. Next combine the ginger juice, rum and cinnamon schnapps in a shaker with ice before adding a pinch of ground cloves as well as an egg white. Shake for about 30 seconds and then pour it into your glass slowly as it foams and offers all the goodness of a gingerbread cookie in drink form.

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