Finger Lakes Wineries Embrace Canning Trend This Summer

Wine by the LakeWe know that many of our readers enjoy relaxing with a cool glass of wine on warm summer evenings, but lugging a 750 ml glass bottle around isn’t always ideal for outdoor events and get-togethers with friends. Unfortunately, glass bottles are expressly prohibited in some places as well. This time of year, it can be nice to have a glass of wine without worrying about the hassle of carrying an entire bottle with you.

That’s why many wineries have begun offering their products in cans, which are generally better suited for picnics, concerts and other outdoor events. It’s taken a little while for the canned wine trend to take off in New York, but this summer a number of popular Finger Lakes Wineries have announced that they will begin doing canning runs in response to consumer demand.

In August, Lakewood Vineyards will begin offering its Bubbly Catawba sparkling wine in 4-packs of 250 ml cans. Meanwhile, Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan will begin canning three of its wines in August—an unoaked chardonnay, a semi-dry Riesling and a wine made from a blend of native grapes called Arctic Fox. On the east side of Seneca Lake, Zugibe Vineyards is also planning to release a small batch of sparkling Riesling in 250 ml cans that will be available at its tasting room. It’s probably no surprise that carbonated sparkling wines are particularly good candidates for canning.

“It’s the perfect combination,” said Ben Stamp of Lakewood Vineyards in a recent interview. “Cans are incredibly portable and sparkling wine is incredibly refreshing.”

Keep an eye out this summer! Chances are, you won’t have to look too far to find canned wines from some of your favorite local wineries.