Best Boozy Gifts for the Holidays

This holiday season, give the gift of a delicious cocktail and a full liquor cabinet. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for your loved ones and having a hard time picking things out or attending a number of holiday parties that you’ll need to bring a gift to, you can’t go wrong with a fancy bottle… Read more »

What Pairs With Turkey?: Thanksgiving Wine Selections

Gobble, gobble! It’s almost turkey time! Thanksgiving means food and lots of it. And of course, where there’s a decadent meal, there should be a elegant wine close behind. While there’s no such thing as a “wrong” wine to put on your Thanksgiving table – your taste preferences are your own, after all – we’ve… Read more »

Give Thanks for These Thanksgiving Cocktails

Now that we’re into November, you know what that means – Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While it may be best celebrated for the grand feast, it’s equally important to get everyone in the festive spirit by having the right cocktails for your guests. We decided to showcase a couple of our favorite cocktails… Read more »

Alcohol-Themed Costumes to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween gives us one night a year to dress up in absolutely crazy costumes. We can use masks to disguise our true identity, wear costumes that make social statements or get creative with unique homemade costumes. Don’t go as a ghost or a witch again for this Halloween –go instead solo, as a couple or… Read more »

Spooky Halloween Cocktails to Celebrate

With the arrival of October, we all know what that means – it’s Halloween season! As you get your costume ready and gear up for a night of haunts and parties, here are a few spooky cocktail recipes to get you the spirits – er, spirit – of All Hallows Eve. Sweet Poison Cocktail The… Read more »

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice – Four Fall Cocktails!

Fall is just around the corner. Do you know what that means? Pumpkin flavor is back! At Outlet liquor, we love pumpkin – it’s one of our favorites! – and to celebrate its joyous return, we have compiled a few of our favorite pumpkin cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. Pumpkin Old Fashioned Rachel Carr… Read more »

Top Tailgating and Game Day Cocktails

It’s that time of year again! Football season is starting! Everyone in Western New York knows that when there’s a Buffalo Bills game, there are tailgating fans close behind. It’s common knowledge that Bills fans love a nice beverage before getting into the spirit of the game, so here are a few favorites to get… Read more »

Aug. 16 is National Rum Day!

Aug. 16 is one of our favorite holidays: National Rum Day! At Outlet Liquor, we believe that a nice, high-quality rum is something to cherish and savor. We recommend trying something new to celebrate this summer holiday, and fortunately there’s always something new and exciting in our liquor section for you to try. We have… Read more »

Great Pairings for National Wine and Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day is July 25, so why not turn this fun holiday into an event at your house! Choose some cheeses, select the wines and host an occasion party to wow your family, friends and neighbors. If you have no idea how to pair wine and cheese, not to worry! We’ve got… Read more »